Instantly mobile.

Transform workflows from existing web applications into simple, intuitive experiences that are accessible anytime, anywhere


A beautiful, personalized mobile workspace

WorkSimple™ is each individual’s personalized mobile workspace. Access business workflows, receive key alerts through notifications, and instantly view critical information from all of your business applications. WorkSimple™ personalizes and unifies business applications for your users, allowing your systems to work for them, not the other way around.


Deliver user-first micro apps with no coding

The Designer allows you to rapidly create one-minute micro apps, called Zapps, on top of your business applications without coding or APIs, while automatically inheriting all business logic and customizations. Empower citizen developers to build, style, and publish beautiful micro apps that deliver high impact business value.


Seamlessly attach to your business applications with no APIs

Innovative and patented technology powers Zapps by attaching to business applications directly through the browser, transforming the user experience while inheriting all security and business logic.


Drive adoption through live monitoring and analytics

Capture detailed analytics, including insights into user behavior and direct feedback, providing actionable takeaways to drive adoption. Manage the lifecycle of all Zapps through version control, group-based distribution, and permissions.


Enterprise grade security and scalability

The Capriza Platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations across industries including financial services, health, and pharmaceuticals. Your sensitive data is protected end-to-end through dual-key AES-256 encryption and an ISO 27001 certified cloud service. Capriza ensures the performance and availability of Zapps by auto-scaling to any workload.